About Us

We are the GRZEXP.

The Grizzly Express is produced by the students in Ms. Parsons’ 6th hour Newspaper class. Comments, questions, contest entries, and suggestions can be sent through the Contact Us link at the top of the page or emailed to: grjhsnewspaper@gilbertschools.net

2017-2018 EDITORS:


2017-2018 Copy Editor:

Lauren Hutchins

2017-2018 Staff:

Tristan Andaya, Jordyn Carter, Carter Catado, Garret Chastain, Ellie Frarer, Tessa Geigle, Grace Gurr, Katelyn Kolstad, Kaylee Love, Zack Mumman, Tautua Pauga, Chase Poskey, Macy Taylor, Jenna Westenskow, Lillian Wittek, and Rebecca Wood.

Interested in Joining the Staff?

The Grizzly Express staff is chosen from students who submit applications during the registration process in February and March. Interested students should see Ms. Parsons in room 223 (hallway G) during registration to pick up the permission forms and an application packet, or email jennifer.parsons@gilbertschools.net for more information.

Applicants should:

  • possess strong writing skills
  • be self-motivated
  • have a mature attitude
  • exhibit trustworthiness
  • have a B average (or higher) in English
  • have a passing grade (D or higher) in all other subjects/classes
  • meet the district attendance policy of ten (10) or less absences per year


Abbey Lashley: “Newspaper is my absolute favorite class. You get to express your opinion, and the entire student body gets to read and enjoy your article. Getting to pick your article is so exhilarating. I recommend joining the newspaper staff!”

Claire Pothier: “I really like newspaper, because I enjoy to write stories, and also you get to meet new people while you are interviewing. Everyone gets to read your articles, which is very exciting because now most people in the school gets to know how you feel about that certain topic.”

Jordan Eulate: “I enjoy and get along with the people and teacher in the class. I also like to write articles, because they are exciting and interesting to write. Writing is something that I love to do, so this is the perfect class for me.”

McKenna Dibble: “I like newspaper, because I get to express my creativity as well as my thoughts and feelings. I also love grammar, so newspaper is right up my alley.”

Tristan Andaya: “Newspaper is a great class! Mostly because you get to speak your mind when writing. Plus you can write about almost anything. It is also a really nice and enjoyable experience.”